Microsoft Virtual Workshops

Microsoft Virtual Workshops

Microsoft Workshops are now being conducted using Microsoft Teams Live!

Download: Joining A Microsoft Teams Live Event

Workshops Updated!

We have arranged for the Microsoft Store of Chandler to sponsor some private workshops exclusively for our members.  The workshops require no downloads and will be presented via your browser (Edge or Chrome).

It is easy, just click on the Register Here link and sign up for which workshop you want to attend.  A couple of days prior you will be emailed a link to use to join the event.

Note: Microsoft is using their new platform ‘Teams Live’ for these workshops. You will need to log in to the event anonymously, no username or password required.


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December 2020
PC Tune Up in a Snap
December 8th @ 10am

In the PC Tune Up in a Snap workshop, we’ll walk you through easy-to-learn maintenance techniques and storage opportunities in the cloud. At the end of the session, you’ll know all about the Performance Troubleshooter, Windows and Office Update and Disc Defragmenter. You’ll know how to remove viruses and spyware, and back-up files on your computer with OneDrive.


Present Your Ideas with Sway
December 15th @ 10am

This workshop introduces how easy it is to use Sway to effectively present, create projects and share ideas with others for school and personal projects. Participants will learn Sway functionality while applying design tips, and practice presentation tips as they present their Sways.


Getting to Know Windows 10
December 22nd @ 10am

Achieve more with Windows 10 by joining our 60-minute workshop to learn everything Windows 10 has to offer for everyday use, whether it’s for work or play, home or office. You’ll learn how to get the most out of new features, how to personalize your Windows experience, work and play across all your devices, and get more done faster with new productivity capabilities.

Aspects of Windows 10 covered in the workshop include: Navigation, Start, Windows, Explorer, Menus, Accessing Applications, Security Features and Synchronization across devices.


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January 2021
Avoid Scams
January 12th @ 10am

Online information and services have become an enriching and pervasive part of our everyday lives. But life online also presents risks to privacy, safety, relationships, reputations, and resources.

Cybercriminals may use misleading or fraudulent email messages, phone calls, web sites or web ads to try to access your devices and personal information. Join this ½ hour workshop to learn ways to identify and avoid the most common types of online fraud and scams, and what to do if you become the victim of a scam.

Improve your scam defense by learning about risks and how to manage them.


Get Organized with OneNote
January 26th @ 10am

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to improve your personal and professional life using OneNote. Set yourself up for success with OneNote productivity skills, and keep everything you need to know in an easy-to-organize digital notebook.


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February 2021
Fundamentals of Microsoft 365
February 9th @ 10am

Learn how Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) keeps you connected and informed—whether you are on the go, at work or at home. Learn how to set up, access and use all of the apps in Microsoft 365 including Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and more!


Fundamentals of Word
February 23rd @ 10am

Join us for an interactive experience with Microsoft Word. Learn the many new features of Word and improve your productivity at home and at work.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • To create professional documents using Word to make your life more productive.
  • Using Editor to help with spelling, grammar and stylistic writing suggestions
  • How to share and collaborate on your work, and more.


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March 2021
Make Your Life More Creative, Organized and Secure with Microsoft 365
March 9th @ 10am

Participants chose from a menu of key Microsoft 365 features to get hands-on
information including:

  • Office mobile app – PowerPoint, Word, Excel all together in one convenient app.
  • OneDrive – one secure place for all your files and photos.
  • PowerPoint – create wow presentations and documents without the stress.
  • Microsoft Editor – bring out your best writer wherever you write.


Fundamentals of PowerPoint
March 23rd @ 10am

Interactive experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. Engaging, powerful and eye-catching presentations have never been easier.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to step up your designs with PowerPoint Designer.
  • Ways to draw interest by inserting visual aids and media.
  • Pro tips for presenting and using all that PowerPoint has to offer, and more.


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