Computer Booters has added another method for dues payments, in addition to cash and check. Zelle, an online payment system, will be an option. You will first have to register with them and add Computer Booters’ e-mail address treasurer@computerbooters.org as a recipient.

When you renew your membership, please send an e-mail to: membership@computerbooters.org with any changes to your contact information, updates to your technology and volunteer interests.

Setting up Zelle Pay.

  1. Go to https://www.zellepay.com/
  2. Scroll down to “See if your bank offers Zelle”
    Or download the Zelle app and follow the instructions.

How to register to use Zelle

These are general instructions. It may be slightly different for your bank.

  1. Go to your Bank’s website and log on to your online account.
  2. Click Transfer.
  3. Send money with Zelle
  4. Follow the instructions to register to use Zelle

Adding a new recipient for Zelle

  1. Go to your Bank’s website and log on to your online account
  2. Click Transfer
  3. Send money with Zelle
  4. Add recipient
    1. The recipient type is business
  5. For the name enter Computer Booters
  6. Send by email address
  7. Enter the email address treasurer@computerbooters.org
  8. Memo –enter ‘Annual Dues’

Always be alert for scams. Do not respond to emails and texts about your bank account and transactions or click any links. Contact your bank directly if you have any questions about your account and transactions.

If you have questions about using Zelle to make your dues payment, please send an email to membership@computerbooters.org.

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