Current and Recent Workshops

Computer Booters offers various Workshops that can be ongoing, one-shot, or for a specific number of weeks. They meet separately from the monthly general meeting to learn about a computer program or hardware, or a computer subject of interest.

Workshops are held in the Ceramics Room A-8 at Cottonwood Country Club (view map), usually at 6:30 PM. Most Workshops led by our members do not have any fee involved, except if a book or supplies are required. Guest speakers may have a fee required. Workshops are held year-round.

Upcoming Workshops include:


6/30/21 – Robots for Seniors & My 3D Printer registration closes at 11:30 pm (PT) on June 29.
Robots for Seniors, George Bowden, Vice President/Webmaster, Victoria Computer Club, and Andrea Slane, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Programs-Legal Studies, Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Ontario

From intelligent audio to humanoid robots.
My 3D Printer, Larry Fortna, President, Lakes At Leesburg Computer and Technology Club
There are numerous 3D printing capabilities from FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) to SLA (Stereolithography), ranging from a couple hundred dollars upward to thousands. Larry is not going to explain how all of them work, just his setup, which he has been using for over six years now.
Larry will cover the tools he uses to design a 3D object for printing, the software he prefers to use to process the 3D objects into gcode (the 3D printer’s language), and the
software he uses to make 3D printed objects. He will talk about the filaments available, their pros and cons, and ways to improve the look of the finished product, the build plate, calibration, and maintenance of your machine, as well as some homemade tools he uses.
Larry is constantly finding uses for his 3D printer. He doesn’t know how he would get along without one now. So, join Larry to learn why and how you, too, should have a 3D printer.


Our Workshop Director sends an email message to members twice a month to notify and remind them of the Workshop schedule. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the form below: