Current and Recent Workshops
(Currently Suspended due to Pandemic)

Computer Booters offers various Workshops that can be ongoing, one-shot, or for a specific number of weeks. They meet separately from the monthly general meeting to learn about a computer program or hardware, or a computer subject of interest.

Workshops are held in the Ceramics Room A-8 at Cottonwood Country Club (view map), usually at 6:30 PM. Most Workshops led by our members do not have any fee involved, except if a book or supplies are required. Guest speakers may have a fee required. Workshops are held year-round.

Current and Recent Workshops include:

Current Workshops

Recent Workshops

Windows 10
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
​Chromebooks for Seniors
Photoshop Elements
Computer Fraud
​Staying Safe at Home and on the Internet
PC Basics
Clean Up Your PC
Computer Components
​Welcome to Tablets
Turbo Tax
Our Workshop Director sends an email message to members twice a month to notify and remind them of the Workshop schedule. If you have any questions or suggestions, please use the form below: