5 Tips for Building Your First PC

This is an amazing time to build a PC! Online tutorials are plentiful, and desktop components are so standardized, building a computer is almost foolproof. We say “almost” because, if you haven’t done your homework, you can still mess things up. Nevertheless, as many PC builders have noted, building a desktop today is pretty much like assembling an adult LEGO […]

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Google Meet Adds a ‘.new’ Domain Shortcut to Quickly Start Video Calls

It’s been a long time since Google introduced its ‘.new’ domain shortcuts, which allow you to quickly open new documents or slideshows by typing docs.new, slides.new, and sheets.new into your address bar. Now, anyone can fire up a Google Meet call with the handy meet.new shortcut. The meet.new shortcut takes you straight to the “Meeting Ready” screen, where you can quickly […]

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How your iPhone can auto-record your next police encounter

‘Hey, Siri, I’m getting pulled over.’ If you have an iPhone, however, it’s possible to use Apple’s Shortcuts app and a shortcut created by Reddit user RobertAPeterson to send a message with your location to a friend or family member and automatically begin recording a video with nothing more than a simple command, “Hey Siri, I’m getting pulled over.” Setting it up is simple and only […]

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