When Will Google Delete Data in Inactive Accounts?

If you have an account with Google cloud services, such as Photos, Drive, or Gmail, your content is subject to being deleted. Inactive accounts will have their data cleaned up after a certain amount of time. Google’s storage policies are intended to clean up inactive accounts to make the experience better for everyone else. In other words, Google doesn’t want people who […]

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How to Export Your Google Drive Files

Google Drive is one of the most trusted services for storing and organizing your data on the cloud. But accidents happen, so it’s important to have your files and documents backed up locally. With Google’s data export tool, Takeout, you can do that in minutes. Visit Google Takeout’s website and sign in with your Google account to get started. By default, this tool […]

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How to Add Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode to Your Home Screen

Google Assistant has so many features that it can be hard to keep track of them all. One of the most futuristic and powerful features is Interpreter Mode. If you use this feature often, you should create a home screen shortcut. While there are plenty of apps for language translation, Google Assistant’s Interpreter Mode aims to be more than these. As […]

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